A powerful, inclusive, holistic approach to teaching piano to beginning students of all ages.

  • Introduces superior sequencing of lessons, scaffolding of instruction, and useful strategies for teaching all types of learners.

  • Furthers the development of technical facility while learning to read music. Efforts to learn to read music will not hinder a student’s ability to play music on the piano.

  • Includes lessons, technique, theory and musicianship, practice worksheets, and performance repertoire, all in one book.

  • Embarks upon ear training, sight singing (including solfege and Kodály approaches), and rhythmic understanding, and opens the door early for student development in transposing, improvising, and composing music.

  • For teachers seeking materials that promote greater social justice and equity, this method series subtly strives to be more culturally authentic and diverse, to express fewer racial and gender stereotypes, to honor and acknowledge the contributions of more women and ethnic composers and songwriters, and to help all students find historical significance and feel welcome in the world of piano and keyboard music education and performance.

  • Students can earn a prize from Presto when they complete the book!


Why are piano teachers switching to the
Presto! It's Piano Magic method series?

Because teachers are retaining more students and growing their studios!


  • Students are making swifter progress and learning more material than other methods.

  • The music choices are familiar and fun to play, up and down the piano keyboard, right from the very start. So...

  • Students are practicing more and with greater enthusiasm, and parents are loving it!


  • Songs, repertoire, and other instructional materials are age and gender neutral, and work great for ALL students.

  • The variety of music represents many cultures and traditions, so ALL students feel comfortable and appreciated.

  • The high-quality all-in-one books make everyone's life easier, less cluttered, and ultimately cost less.